Acceptees ou refusees? blogue des matières organiques de la Ville de Rosemère

Accepted or refused?

First, you should know what recovering organic waste can be done in a flash and can easily be worked into your daily routine. To help you, however, it is important to know what materials are accepted in your brown bin. Waste from your cooking or gardening activities is recovered and turned into compost. What could be better than returning to the earth the very materials to which it gave rise?! The compost is then distributed  to residents during the course of events organized by the Town, like Back to the Earth Day on May 25.


The materials listed below are grouped by section to make your job easier. A tip: print the list and post it on your fridge. That way, the whole family can get in on the act! As for materials that are not accepted, the Town has other types of pick-ups for those. Go to for details of other pick-ups.



– Fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, including peels
– Meat (raw or cooked) and bones (except those of game)
– Fish and seafood (raw or cooked)
– Eggs and shells (except clams and mussels)
– Pasta, bread and grain products
– Flour, sugar and other powdered food products
– Solid dairy products
– Tea, herbal tea and coffee residue, bags and paper

– Compostable disposable tableware
– Paper and cardboard soiled with food residue and non-recyclable (ex.: pizza boxes, paper plates, etc.)
– Sanitary fibres (paper towels, facial tissues, etc.), except diapers and sanitary napkins
– Paper bags with cellulose liners
– Litter and animal excrement

– Grasses and lawn clippings
– Dead leaves
– Hedge and shrub clippings
– Small branches (less than 2.5 cm in diameter and 1 m long)
– Flowerbed and garden waste
– Other horticultural residue



– Diapers and sanitary napkins
– Glass, dishes and utensils
– Plastic wrap
– Wax and parchment paper
– Styrofoam
– Paper towels stained by a cleaning product
– Cotton swabs (Q-tips)
– Dental floss
– Fabric softener sheets
– “Swiffer” type sheets
– Dryer lint
– Vacuum cleaner residue
– Gum
– Hair
– Materials for the recycling bin