Can I replace some of the grass with lower-maintenance alternatives (expanded flowerbeds, trees or shrubs)?

It is often possible to enlarge some flowerbeds, add trees, shrubs or low maintenance perennials. For dry areas, under trees or on slopes, choose ground cover and mulch instead.

What do I need to do to have a healthy, diverse and visually appealing lawn?

Check out the advice in the Gardens, Lawns and Ecological Maintenance section of the Town’s website.)

For information on insect pests, see this link:

Am I capable of caring for my lawn myself?

It’s simple! Follow the steps in the calendar (French only) below. You have to try it to find out!

If I need a contractor to do it for me, have I asked them the right questions? Have I been clear about my expectations? Have I told them of the pesticide restrictions in Rosemère? Are they registered with the Town for the current year?

It is important to tell them that they cannot apply pesticides in Rosemère, to ask them if they are registered with the Town, to mention that they are our expectations. It is also important to ask them if they offer certain services such as topdressing with compost, seeding, aeration, manual weeding, application of natural fertilizers, etc.

What would the consequences be if the contractor were to apply banned/hazardous products? Is that a risk I am willing to take?

Homeowners and service providers are subject to fines of up to $1,000 per pesticide for a first offence. Any such use can also expose family members and pets to harmful chemicals. Note that children are particularly vulnerable to chemical exposure.

If I buy a product, how do I know if it’s a banned pesticide?

Is it a product you really need? Is it for an actual insect or weed problem? Have you checked our website for alternatives? Look for the “active ingredient” list on the front of the bottle to determine what kind of product it is. Permethrin (insecticide), glyphosate (weed killer) and malathion (insecticide) are three banned substances that are sold over the counter. The skull-and-crossbones symbol indicating a poison hazard can help you decide as well. There is no official list of all synthetic pesticides.

Why are these products sold over the counter if they are toxic or banned?

By-laws differ from one jurisdiction to another. Legality also depends on the type of vegetation to which the product is being applied, the size of the container and the product’s level of toxicity (is it concentrated or pre-diluted with water?).


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