When should you be concerned about your lawn care contractor?

They have provided no horticultural solutions, only “treatments” (no aeration, application of compost, re-seeding or manual weeding), and yet your lawn has improved.

There are almost no broadleaf weeds left in your lawn, but you still have crabgrass (an annual weed).

When the contractor visits your house, they leave a note in your mailbox or on your doorknob but do not put up the lawn sign required by law. (The sign should, at a minimum, include the company name, the person responsible for the work, their certificate number, the product registration number and the poison control phone number.) The contractor is therefore violating the municipal by-law and/or the Pesticides Management Code.

The contractor comes outside of regular business hours (i.e., in the evening, on weekends, or very early in the morning) or uses unmarked vehicles. The warmer it is outside, the more volatile pesticides will be and the more detectible their smell.

A few days after the contractor visits, some weeds in the lawn appear shrivelled, curled up or twisted. Some non-target plants experience growth problems, such as leaves deformed along the edges (lindens, lilacs, catalpas and other trees and shrubs).

There is a perceptible, though possibly faint, odour, particularly on a hot, sunny day.


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