A Few Reminders

Did you know…?

Since 2005, the Town of Rosemère has banned ALL synthetic pesticides for outdoor residential use, except in cases of severe infestation and only if the homeowner has a permit from the Town. The ban also applies to extermination products. To obtain a permit, the homeowner must prove they have exhausted all other alternatives.

Pesticides classified as “low-impact” are permitted. These include Safer’s soaps, Weed B Gone MAX and EcoClear products.

Because our municipal by-law is more restrictive than provincial legislation, it is important to ensure your service provider is aware of this information.

Contractors that apply fertilizer, plant protection agents or pest control products must register with the Town each year. There is no cost associated with registration. This municipal registry allows authorities to verify that contractors have the required permits from the Ministère de l’Environnement, possess liability insurance and are registered with the CNESST.

Since the by-law was adopted, a number of providers have been convicted of applying pesticides without the homeowner’s consent. Such practices are a threat to public health and are in direct violation of Quebec’s Pesticides Management Code

Several providers are awaiting trial or sentencing for pesticide application in summer of 2019.

Nurseries, garden centres and superstores may sell products prohibited under our municipal by-law. Be careful what you buy.

Avoid purchasing pesticides in the U.S., from a flea market or online. Many of these products are toxic or otherwise hazardous. The best place to buy them is a garden centre. However, if you have any concerns about a given item, it is best that you speak to a Town representative.


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