A community measure that makes a difference

In September 2016, the Town of Rosemère introduced organic waste pick-ups in all residential, commercial and institutional sectors. This initiative seeks to significantly reduce the quantity of domestic waste sent to landfill sites, allowing the recovery of organic waste as compost. It will also make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, in the process, help meet Québec objectives in the fight against climate change.

2,300 metric tons: our annual goal!


For Proper And Effective Use Of Your Brown Bin!

Keep your kitchen mini-bin close at hand for holding your food waste. Close the brown bin’s lid and latch after emptying the contents of your kitchen mini-bin into it.

Properly wrap wet food scraps, meat and bones in a paper bag or newspaper, then put it in the mini-bin to prevent odours.

Place your brown bin, wheels house-side, by the side of the street. Unlock the latch on pick-up day. Put the bin out after 6 p.m. on the eve of pick-up day or before 7 a.m. on pick-up day. Have your brown bin emptied every week, even if it’s not full.



  • Have your brown bin emptied weekly, even if it’s not full, by putting it out by the side of the street.
  • Wrap your moist food scraps, meat or fish residue in a paper bag or newsprint.
  • Line your brown bin with a paper bag designed for this purpose or put newsprint on the bottom.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your brown bin and over your food waste.
  • Layer food waste with green waste.
  • Freeze your residue and put it in your bin shortly before pick-up.
  • Place your bin in the shade.
  • When your bin is empty, rinse it from time to time, using water and vinegar or baking soda.


  • The key to avoiding, as much as possible, the presence of grubs is to wrap waste in newsprint or paper bags.
  •  Layering food waste with green waste is recommended.
  •  Quickly closing the lid is also advised, to keep flies out. This will keep grubs from forming.
  • If you do have grubs, rinsing your bin with boiling water will eliminate them.
  • Sprinkle hot water or white vinegar on the grubs.
  • During heat waves, place your bin in the shade.
  • You can place corks around the kitchen mini-bin; fruit flies don’t like their smell.
  • Finally, you can freeze your waste and put it in your bin shortly before pick-up. This will delay the decomposition process and avoid the presence of grubs.


  • Spray the bin with a mixture of hot sauce (ex: Tobasco), water and a few drop of dishwashing detergent. Rodents don’t like spicy things.
  • Coat the bin with Vaseline or Vick decongestant.
  • Place a statue of an owl or fox near the bin; they are the rodents’ predators.
  • Focus a light with a motion detector on the bin.


of waste per year produced by Rosemerites

of garbage produced by Rosemerites is organic waste

of green waste per year are recovered by Rosemerites

of organic waste, approximately, are eliminated by each Rosemerite


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